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Christian Education


Not Pictured: Mora Hardy

Christian Education - This ministry is the foundation for all groups in the church. Everything done in the church is under the influence of Christian Education. Therefore, this ministry has the task of introducing the membership to both traditional and contemporary material. This is offered through workshops, and activities. These workshops and activities need to be of benefit to the entire church.

Usher Ministry


Ushers - Not Pictured: Otis Jones

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Youth Ushers - Not Pictured: Tierra Thorpe

Usher Ministry - One of the most overlooked ministries in the church is the usher board. They are some of the first people you meet when you enter the church. The one trait the usher must exhibit is a "smile," even when they encounter disruptive people coming into the church. Their basic duty is to escort people to their desired seat. Sometimes their desired seat is in an awkward spot and the usher smiles and keep moving.

Tape Ministry

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Tape Ministry - The media ministry has a difficult task. They have to work and worship simultaneously. They are rarely seen in the service, but they have a very important role. They are in control of the sound and video systems. They make sure that all of the equipment is in working fashion. This group frequently like the ushers don’t receive the recognition they deserve, but truly they are vital.

Church Musical Ministry

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Church Musical Ministry - The Bible says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye lands." (Psalm 100:1). It is the responsibility of this ministry to provide appropriate and suitable music for the various services. This music includes traditional as well as contemporary because the church is a family a mixture of people. Included In their duties are workshops and training sessions for the choirs. While the main ingredient in a worship service is "The Word," music prepares us for it.

Security Ministry



Benny Brown Male Choir

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Sanctuary Choir


Not Pictured: Yasha Anderson


Youth Choir Ministry



Youth Choir Ministry - Not Pictured: Antwanette Dunbar and KeAmbre Timley

Deacon Ministry


Not Pictured: Deacon Handsel Johnson

The Deacon Ministry - The Deacons are responsible for carrying out the spiritual duties of the church and are proven to be faithful in service rendered to others. This involves visiting members who are sick, both at the hospital and occasionally at their residence. The Deacons has traditionally opened the worship services with a devotional service. They are spiritual assistants to the pastor and have general oversight over the membership and spiritual affairs of the church.

deaconChair vicechair

Trustee Ministry

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The Trustee Ministry – The Trustee ministry is solely responsible for the financial matters of the church. The members of this ministry collect and count the offerings taken up by the church. They oversee all bank transactions in terms of deposits and withdrawals. They are required by law because the church does not handle money. So their sole purpose is to be good financial stewards with God’s money.

Mission Ministry


Not Pictured: Deacon Charles Moore

The Mission Ministry - This ministry is one whose focus is outside the church building. Since the majority of their work is done in the field, the members of this ministry has to possess a love for the have-nots. This is one of the only ministries that will probably never know the effectiveness of their work because the people they are required to help are not in their circle.

Mothers' Ministry


Not pictured Clarice Dukes, Katie Holmes, Birdena Johnson, Irene Mazone, and Jennie Suber

The Mothers' Ministry - These ladies traditionally were the mothers of the church with a spiritual parental responsibility. This group functions as good examples for the younger ladies in the church. We live in an age where traditional roles have changed and we must be ready to shift. Therefore, this ministry continues to be representative to the younger generation and also support the other ministries in the church with their charitable contributions.

Administrative Secretary

administrative secretary

Administrative Secretary - This person is responsible for handling the church's official documents. The root word in secretary is "secret;" therefore, this person will hear some of the most intimate details about the church and they must remain buried in her heart. Tradition says this is one of the most powerful and influential positions in the church simply because she answers the phone and take messages for the pastor.

Financial Administrator

financial secretary

Financial Administrator - This person keeps the church balanced from a financial standpoint. She reviews the bank statements and receipts. When one area in the church is financially unstable, she makes recommendations so that the church will continue to operate in the affirmative. Her role is critical as well because based off of her figures the budget for the church is designed.

Youth Minister

youthpastor copy

Youth Minister - Because of the issues that our youth are encountering, it is vital to have an individual that have the capability to relate to them on their level. One of the strongest devices to captivate the younger generation attention is the ability to establish "a rapport" with them. This is a technique that is not taught or grafted, but handed down by God. While this person may be able to hold the younger people's attention, he must be trained in order that he may stay fresh and informed on current issues.

Drama Coordinator


Drama Coordinator - This person is responsible for generating and motivating people to participate in the seasonal skits in the church. These such skits includes at a minimum Black History, Easter and Christmas programs. This person has the latitude to introduce various skits, which may offer a practical point. This person has to possess a fair amount of knowledge about designing plays and have a love for people, kids in particular. This person must be respected by her cast if she is going to be effective.

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